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Experienced consultants of StepChange Innovations GmbH re-engineer dyeing & finishing recipes

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textile finishing consulting

In recent years the market has changed substantially. All multinational suppliers of textile dyes have relocated their production to Asia, mainly China and India. At the same time, these companies have drastically reduced technical resources in Europe. On the other hand, legal and environmental requirements have increased, too. This environment has created new challenges with respect to product quality and reliability of supplies.
You are a textile finishing processing house and suffer from overpriced products, poor quality and lack of reliable supplies? You request a professional advise to re-engineer your dyeing and printing recipes? StepChange Innovations has long experience and an excellence network of professionals and experts in textile dyeing and finishing.

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  • We offer consulting to purchasing managers for sourcing of products used in textile finishing applications, especially in procurement of textile dyes
  • We advise in selecting the best available technology in textile finishing applications
  • We help to replace overpriced products by more economical solutions,
    fit-for-purpose and not over-engineered
  • We provide consulting to reduce the total cost of operations in textile processing, and improve the quality of finished articles
  • We build on established networks with respected and world class suppliers and experts in textile finishing

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