Consulting for Chemicals and Textiles

Technology Development and Innovations in Chemistry as well as Applications

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Technology Development

At StepChange Innovations, research and innovation is our passion. Focused on the chemical and textile industries, we have a long experience in developing new products and innovative technologies. Whether it is new chemistry by finding novel molecules, adapting existing products by exploring more cost effective production processes, or entirely new routes for more sustainable processes - we support you. We help you to develop new products and application technologies.

innovation management

Innovation Management

Optimize innovation processes, innovation audits and trainings


contract research

Contract Research

Outsourcing of R&D projects and laboratory services to world class laboratories

custom manufacturing production

Custom Manufacturing

Outsourcing of chemical production to trustworthy partners

IP / Patents Consulting

Intellectual Properties

Intellectual property management and patent strategy

Reach consulting laboratory

REACh Consulting

Registration of new compounds under the chemical law EU-REACh

modern tools in science

Modern Tools in Science

Modern techniques, scientific software and web applications

technology development

Technology Development

Develop new products and application technologies

project management

Project Management

Optimize R&D project management, establish project portfolio management, monitor by KPIs

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