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patents reactive dyes

In the following listed patents the directors and senior managers of StepChange Innovations GmbH are inventors or co-inventor.
Most of the patents are in the technical field of textile dyes and textile chemicals, especially patents in the technical field of fibre reactive dyes for cellulose fibres,
patents of new or modified fibre reactive systems as well as dye chromophors,
and patents of reactive dyes intermediates. The patents include new compounds, compositions, as well as manufacturing procedures for synthesis of said compounds.

List of patents:

EP 1.000.983 

EP 974.622,
US 6.183.522   

US 5.744.622    
EP 1.000.982,
US 6.168.636   
US 6.358.287       
US 5.607.481   
US 6.136.045 
EP 1.090.962

EP 628.606

EP 629.667 
US 6.086.639
US 6080858,
JP 11228855
EP 668.328  
EP 1.046.678,
US 6.051.037  
EP 1.106.655          
EP 675.172    EP 1.046.679    EP 712.841,
US 5.777.111
EP 774.493  
EP 999.240       
EP 827.987
EP 872.523
EP 838.504  
EP 745.719  
EP 872.523 EP697.443  

Link to free download of European patent documents : espacenet

Note that in most cases patent applications are filed in the name of our client and assigned to the client, as agreed in respective service level agreements prior to initiation of R&D projects.
There are additional patent applications in the pipeline which are not yet disclosed. Time from filing to disclosure of patent applications is approximately 18 months.