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Experienced consultants of StepChange Innovations GmbH carry out technical and commercial due diligences for chemical and textile companies

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Generalist investment bankers generally do not have the know-how of technological and legal implication to judge the value chain in the chemical industry. Many influencers have to be considered: Specific raw materials supply and demand, industry manufacturing capacities, legal aspects, major technological developments, just to mention a few influencers. In StepChange Innovations we have this background. Our senior consultants and directors have long experience in top management in the chemical industry. We have participated in technical and commercial due diligences in the chemical industry in large cross-border M&A projects in industrial chemical companies in Europe and Asia (China, India), for M&A deals in specialty chemicals, dyes, textile chemicals and testing companies, as well as equipment manufacturers. Our special expertise is the professional assessment and judgment of the target´s technology, product portfolio and R&D pipeline. We are experts and involve our network of additional experts specialised in the chemical and textile industry.

due diligence
  • We provide professional consulting to the financial services industry in mergers & aquisitions with focus on the chemical and textile industries
  • We conduct technical and commercial due diligences, with special focus on technical and environmental due diligences
  • We assess the value of the technology, product portfolio, IP (intellectual property), patents and trademarks, of the target company.
  • We evaluate the R&D pipeline, production sites and marketing strategies in technology driven companies
  • We identify deals for new M&A projects in the chemical and textile industries

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