Intellectual Property (IP) Patents and Trademarks Consulting

Experienced consultants of StepChange Innovations GmbH optimise your patent strategy

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Intellectual properties (patents and trademarks) consulting

StepChange Innovations has long experience in managing intellectual property. Directors and senior managers of StepChange Innovations have contributed as inventors in over 30 patents over a period of alomost 20 years (see patents), mostly in the technical field of dyes and chemicals. Consequently we have long experience also in the examination of patents, as well as in defense or invalidation of patents.
We cooperate with patent attorneys worldwide to make sure our clients intellectual property rights are enforced.

patents consulting

We offer consulting services

  • Implement patent strategies
  • Monitor competitive patent activities, and patent status assessments in important countries
  • Deal with patent infringements in difficult markets with underdeveloped IP culture such as China or India
  • Expert assessment reports in patent infringement cases
  • Portfolio risk analysis in regard to patent infringements
  • Advise client on international country selection for patents
  • Support clients in patent examinations
  • Support mergers & aquisitions transactions in technical due diligences in the assessment of patent & technology portfolios

For examples of StepChange Innovations projects at clients see case study

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