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Increasing legal requirements (REACh etc.) and high cost have in chemical manufacturing - it has become difficult to operate profitably in traditional markets. There are many good reasons for outsourcing production. You want to focus on your core competence and your market.
In emerging markets, especially in China and India, world-class chemical manufacturing has established in the last two decades. A new industry has emerged, called custom manufacturing. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies outsource the production of specific active ingredients, often non core products and processes, to third parties in China or India.
But how do you know who is a trustworty partner ? Just sourcing from anybody and transfering know-how to anybody is not a solution. You want to control your supply chain and product integrity. You want exclusivity and minimize the risk of know-how diffusion.
Our senior managers and directors in StepChange Innovations have long experience of doing business in Asia, especially in India, and can find the right partner for custom manufacturing. We guide you throughout the whole process of outsourcing.

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We offer consulting in custom manufacturing covering

  • Initiate offshore outsourcing projects in the chemical industry
  • Identify trustworthy partners for custom manufacturing
  • Establish strategic co-operations in chemical manufacturing
  • Manage the integrity of client´s IP, through various techniques (coding systems, documentation etc.)
  • Manage the know-how transfer of manufacturing processes
  • Establish quality assurance in custom manufacturing projects
  • Monitor environmental compliance in chemical manufacturing

For examples of StepChange Innovations projects at clients see case study.
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