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Retailers and Brands

New challenges for sustainable production arise from the zero discharge roadmap initiated by Greenpeace. International brands started the ZDHC programme which aims at the elimination of hazardous substances from products and effluents by 2020. At StepChange Innovations, we are well familiar with the ecological issues in the application of textile dyes and chemicals and, through ecology consulting services, support retailers and brands in their endeavour to detox their supply chain.

ecology consulting textile chemicals

Ecology Consulting

Ecology profiling and compliance audits for chemicals and textiles. Detox, RSLs and M-RSLs

textile finishing

Textile Finishing

Re-engineering of dyeing & printing recipes to reduce cost and to establish sustainable production

Reach consulting laboratory

REACh Consulting

Registration of new compounds under the chemical law EU-REACh

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We also provide consulting for financial services (read case studies), as well as technology development for the chemical and textile industries (read case studies).